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Taiwan power outage has little impact on major makers

Taiwan was hit by a large-scale power outage that left more than five million households without electricity at one point on Thursday morning, but major makers, such as foundry house TSMC, saw little impact on their production.

Power supply has been restored to most of the affected as of early Thursday afternon, according to the state-run Taiwan Power Company (Taipower). The government said the outage resulted from an incident at one of its major power stations in southern Taiwan.

According to information that DIGITIMES reporters have been able to gather, major makers in the semiconductor, LCD and other sectors have seen little impact from the power outage.

TSMC only saw split seconds of unstable electricity supply at some of its facilities, and production remains mormal.

UMC's operation at the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) was affected by the outage, but its equipment and production facilities are returning to normal, with the impact controllable.