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Macroblock works with Unilumin to obtain DCI certification for LED cinema screens

Driver IC design house Macroblock has disclosed it has worked with China-based LED display maker Unilumin Group to obtain certification from DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative), an international consortium of motion picture studios for specifying technological standards for displaying digital movies, for two Unilumin-developed models of LED cinema screens, UC-A21 and UC-A41.

Without DCI certification, any LED screens are unable to enter digital movie theaters, the Macroblock said.

Unilumin began to develop LED cinema screens in compliance with DCI specifications concerning high resolution, HDR (high dynamic range), high refresh rate and high color uniformity two years ago, Macroblock noted, adding Unilumin selected Macroblock-developed MB15850, a driver IC for fine-pitch LED displays that features16-bit grayscale and 3,840Hz refresh rate nearly one year ago.

The two LED cinema screens have been adopted by China Film Cinema for its movie theaters in Beijing, Macroblock said.

Macroblock said it has recently obtained US patents for two in-house-developed common cathode LED driving architectures.