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Everlight delivers LEDs and photocouplers in 2022

LED packaging service provider Everlight Electronics is focusing its 2022 business efforts on invisible LED devices, photocouplers, mini LED devices, and LED devices used in automotive lighting and displays, according to industry sources.

In particular, Everlight deferred some of shipments of LED devices used in automotive lighting originally scheduled for 2021 until 2022, with these deferred shipments becoming a main source of revenue growth in 2022, the sources said.

Everlight has reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.866 billion (US$67.1 million) for January, increasing 1.27% on month but decreasing 8.02% on year.

LED chip and Si-based sensor chip maker Tyntek will expand production capacity for Si-based sensor chips by about 30%, the sources noted.

Tyntek posted consolidated revenues of NT$3.163 billion, gross margin of 22.65%, operating profit of NT$310.5 million, net profit of NT$724.9 million, and net EPS of NT$2.41 for 2021 operation, with the net profit hitting an annual record. The company has decided to distribute a cash dividend of NT$1.00 per share for 2021.

LED chip and Si-based sensor chip maker Taiwan Asia Semiconductor (TAS, renamed from Opto Tech) has released its 2021 financial report: Consolidated revenues of NT$6.143 billion, gross margin of 32.18%, operating profit of NT$1.011 billion, net profit of NT$829.4 million, and net EPS of NT$2.11.

Each month, TAS produces 3.0 billion Si-based sensor chips and 2.0 billion LED chips, respectively making up 60-70% and 20-30% of consolidated revenues, the sources indicated.

TAS has established a wholly owned subsidiary, ProAsia Semiconductor, specifically for development and production of third-generation semiconductors, the sources noted.