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Macroblock develops two new LED driver ICs used in automotive lighting

LED driver IC design house Macroblock has developed two new driver ICs used in automotive interior/exterior lighting, MBI6659Q and MBI6665Q, and has obtained AEC (Automotive Electronics Council)-Q100 certification for the two models, according to the company.

MBI6659Q and MBI6665Q are constant-current and high-brightness LED drive ICs, both of which are suitable for use in automotive taillights, brake lights, and daytime running lights, but only MBI6659Q is suitable for fog lights, ambience lights, and position lights, and only MBI6665Q is suitable for headlights, Macroblock said. In particular, MBI6665Q can report abnormal conditions, such as excessively high temperature and current, to an external mechanism for further control decision making, Macroblock noted.

Macroblock aims to ship the two models to supply chain vendors for international automakers on an OEM basis and expects to pass certification by potential clients in the first half of 2022.

While LED driver ICs used in automotive lighting comprise less than 5% of its consolidated revenues currently, Macroblock is optimistic about large potential global demand for such ICs along with increasing LED penetration of automotive lighting and fast-growing demand for electric vehicles.

Despite price-cut competition happening in the China market, Macroblock began to hike quotes for some product lines in January 2022.

Marcoblock has reported consolidated revenues of NT$242.8 million (US$8.7 million) for January, increasing 5.52% on month and 26.57% on year.