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SiliconCore Technology to Enter Consumer Micro LED Display Market

Since 2021, Micro LED display manufacturers including Samsung, Leyard and Ledman have announced that they would bring their developed Micro LED commercial applications to the consumer market. Recently, another business has decided to join them.

As a foreign media outlet reported, SiliconCore Technology, a US developer specializing in LED display technologies, launched its Micro LED display solutions during CES 2022 with a focus on the mainstream consumer market for direct view LEDs.

The report does not list the specifications of the product. Beforehand, SiliconCore had demonstrated a 72-inch Micro LED display, the Lotus, which features a pixel pitch of 0.83mm, resolution of 1080p and 2000 nits of brightness.

In a recent press release, SiliconCore announced a plan to strategically provide specialized Micro LED technologies, accelerate LED display manufacturing and introduce Micro LED displays to major consumer electronics markets.

“My vision is to see the use of direct view LED technologies in major consumer markets. To do so, SiliconCore has spent years on establishing and improving relevant technologies and processes, thereby strengthening the display’s ability and performance of reproducing images,” said Eric Li, CEO of Silicon Technology.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, SiliconCore is reportedly the only one manufacturer that is simultaneously capable of driver IC design and Micro LED display production. Therefore, the company has unique advantages with LED displays regarding power management, durability and image quality.

SiliconCore also holds abundant patent portfolios, three among which are related to Micro LED displays. One is a common cathode process patent that the company has held since 2011. The technology provides a low operating temperature range between 10–20°C for LED displays with 200%-enhanced brightness. The company also patented its ZACH technology that can expand the dynamic range to near the Rec. 2020 grade. The other patent, the LISA technology, uses specially formulated encapsulation for improved durability and contrast of the LED display.

SiliconCore claims that the patented common cathode and other display technologies enable the production of LED displays with low operating temperature, low power consumption and longer lifespan. As the number of LEDs for each display panel will increase in the coming years, the company’s technologies are the only way out to ensure product efficiency. The US-based manufacturer will promote its technologies to other display brands, which can help establish industry standards and stimulate development of the large-size display market. (Compiled by Irving from LEDinside)

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