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LG Display reportedly planning for 6th-gen OLED production expansion

LG Display is reportedly preparing to expand its small- and medium-sized OLED panel lines in Paju, South Korea, and its production capacity for 6th-generation OLEDs could double by 2024, according to an ET News report.

The report said that small- and medium-sized OLEDs are part of the KRW 3.3 trillion (US$2.77 million) production expansion strategy announced by LG Display in August 2021 and that the new 6th-generation OLED lines will be mainly used to manufacture panels for Apple's iPhones and tablets.

The report said several items of exposure equipment will be installed into the company's P9 plant line (E6) and P10 plant line (E7) in Paju to draw circuits on glass substrates used for thin film transistors (TFTs). The investment in exposure equipment, which is essential for OLED, could exceed KRW 10 billion alone, it pointed out.

The report said LG Display is planning to order at least eight exposure machines from Japan, adding that the company's P9 plant will be mainly used to manufacture panels for smartphones and that its P10 plant will supply panels for tablets and other IT products.

After announcing plans to invest KRW 3.3 trillion on expanding its small- and medium-sized OLED production capacity last year, LG Display has shifted its focus from LCD to OLED, the report continued. It said that the company is actively exploring business opportunities in the small- and medium-sized OLED market after having established a presence in the large-sized OLED market.

The report also suggested that LG Display is expanding production lines for 6th-generation OLED panels to keep up with demand for Apple's smartphones and tablets. It also mentioned that Apple is planning to adopt OLED panels for iPads and its other IT products and that this could serve as a growth driver for LG Display.

LG Display has declined to comment on its clients.