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Apple will Allegedly Announce AR headset with Sony’s Micro OLED Display Next Year

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech giant plans to announce its first AR headset with Sony’s 4K Micro OLED display in 4Q22. The AR headset will allegedly have computing power comparable to the Mac products, and can be directly operated without smartphone binding.

As revealed by previous news and patent announcements, Apple has long focused on the research and development of AR technologies, while rumors about the company’s AR strategies and devices have never stopped spreading.

Last year, a Japanese news report stated that Apple is working with Sony to develop microdisplays. Earlier this year, Apple is said to have partnered with TSMC to produce microdisplays. However, the foreign media maintains that TSMC is likely to be a manufacturing partner, whereas Sony will provide the OLED and proprietary technologies.

As Apple tends to sign a deal with multiple suppliers, various Micro OLED screen makers (in addition to Sony) may have a chance to enter the supply chain, such as microdisplay manufacturer eMagin. The media speculates that eMagin is now working with Apple to develop a Micro OLED AR device, as the company did announce a 4K microdisplay. Additionally, Apple will have more than one AR projects and will presumably unveil smart AR glasses in 2023.

Presently, Micro LED and Micro OLED are comparably promising in the AR/VR/MR market. The two microdisplay technologies are on a par with each other regarding image quality performance, which have become the focus among relevant businesses.

Kuo expects Apple to release the first Micro LED MR headset in 2H22, demonstrating that the firm might bet on both Micro LED and Micro OLED.

Concerning Micro LED development in other tech companies, Vuzix, TCL’s sub-brand Leiniao and Xiaomi have announced either smart Micro LED glasses or AR devices. Further, Chinese and foreign manufacturers, including SmartVision, Leyard, Visionox and JBD, have begun developing Micro LED display technologies.

As for Micro OLED development, VR company EM3 just announced a prototype of Micro OLED VR glasses. Samsung, Sony and BOE have started to develop Micro OLED displays, along with Huynew Technology and Sidtek that have revealed Micro OLED AR/VR display modules.

The results of Micro LED and Micro OLED development will remain unclear for years; after all, the two major technologies have yet to achieve mass production. Nevertheless, next-gen immersive AR/VR/MR devices powered by Micro LED and Micro OLED, promoted by major players like Apple, TCL and Xiaomi, will enter the consumer market soon. (By Janice from LEDinside)

By LEDinside