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Sony Will Debut 6 New TVs Featuring Mini LED Backlights at the Product Launch on Jan. 4

On December 30, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. announced that it would hold the global launch event of its BRAVIA XR TV lineup at 23:00 on January 4 (GMT+8).

According to the series of posters released on Sony China’s website and Weibo page, media outlets have forecast that Sony will debut six TV products at the event. The TVs will be powered by Sony’s new chip Cognitive Processor XRTM , which is capable of algorithm-based cross analyses on multiple dimensions and areas of the screen. With the chip, the TVs will have optimized image quality and audiovisual sync performance. Moreover, the company is likely to unveil new products featuring the backlight display technology of OD Zero Mini LED along with corresponding cameras.

Reportedly, the BRAVIA XR models that will be demonstrated during the event are as follows: the 8K TV Z9J, 4K OLED TVs A90J and A80J as well as their 4K counterparts specializing in nighttime display such as the X95J, X91J and X90J.

The media also reported that Sony plans to announce the newly developed K series under the BRAVIA XR lineup in 2022, including the models as follows.

8K HDR flagship models Z9K and Z8K: The two models are upgraded versions of the existing Z9J and Z8H respectively, both of which come with a Mini LED 8K panel.

4K OLED flagship models A90K and A80K: Similar to the Z9K and Z8K, the A90K and A80K are advanced editions of the original A90J and A80J respectively, with slightly improved audiovisual sync performance.

4K HDR flagship models X95K and X90K: the two models are equipped with a Mini LED panel. Compared with their J series counterparts, the K models boast much greater brightness and audiovisual quality.

Additionally, the entry-level products, namely the X85K and X80K, will stick with conventional LED panels.

What exactly will Sony showcase at the product launch on January 4? Let’s wait and see. (Summarized by LEDinside)

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