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PlayNitride Debuted Four New Micro LED Displays, Targeting AR/VR and Automotive Applications

Recently, many display brand manufacturers rolled out a series of new Mini/Micro LED displays on their New Product Launch Events. On top of that, manufacturers across the globe plan to demonstrate diverse new display products in the upcoming CES 2022 to be hold on January 5th. But ahead of CES 2022, Opto Taiwan 2021 was just held in Taiwan and enterprises like PlayNitride also brought their Micro LED display products in the spotlight.


Aiming at New Opportunities, PlayNitride Debuted Four Micro LED Displays

According to LEDinside’s on-site survey, PlayNitride demonstrated four new products: 37-inch FHD Modular Micro LED Display, 1.58-inch PM Micro LED Display, 11.6-inch Automotive Micro LED Display and 7.56-inch C+QD High-Dynamic-Range Micro LED Display, aiming at the new opportunities from automotive display and AR/VR applications.

37-inch FHD Modular Micro LED Display is assembled by 48 modules with seamless tiling effect. This P0.43mm display achieve resolution of 1,920x1,080 and 59 PPI.

Just a few days ago, Tianma also launched four Micro LED displays at its 2021 Micro LED Ecological Alliance Event, including a 5.04-inch Micro LED Modular Display, a 9.38-inch Transparent Micro LED Display, a 7.56-inch flexible Micro LED Display and a 11.6-inch rigid Micro LED Display.

The 11.6-inch product, based on LTPS TFT technology, has resolution of 2,470 x 960 and PPI of 228. From the product specifications, we can infer that it is the same product as the one demonstrated at PlayNitride’s booth.

According to Tianma, this is the world’s first middle-size Micro LED display with high resolution that can meet the requirements of high-end automotive CID or instrument display on high-performance displays--screen size to be larger than 10 inch and PPI to be higher than 200.


Committed to Micro LED,PlayNitride Plans to Go Public in 2022

In recent years, PlayNitride has ramped up the investment on Micro LED technology, which, in part, can find expression in its frequency of new product release and the improvement of its technologies.

PlayNitride intends to go public in 2022 with the hope of more quickly and flexibly seizing the development opportunities in Micro LED field, particularly the one from AR/VR industries in an era of metaverse.

From the perspective of PlayNitride, the commercialization of Micro LED for AR/VR devices requires the coordinated development of the whole ecological system, such as display content, optical technology and other supporting facilities. The company estimates that Micro-LED-based AR/VR devices is likely to be commercialized within two to three years at the soonest.

Besides, PlayNitride has received an additional investment of USD 5 million from LITEON recently as LITEON takes a very positive attitude towards the prospect of Micro LED. If succeeded to be a public company, PlayNitride is expected to significantly enhance its financing capacity and capital strength, empowering it to commercialize Micro LED products and reduce costs at a faster rate.

From the angle of the whole ecological system of Micro LED applications, including AR/VR, automotive display and large-size display, PlayNitride regards cost and commercialization as two key factors and estimates that Micro LED cost will decline by 95% during 2020 to 2025.

Author: Joanne, Janice / TrendForce LEDinside

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