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PlayNitride showcasing microLED display with PM driver IC at Opto Taiwan 2021

PlayNitride is exhibiting a 1.58-inch microLED display equipped with passive matrix (PM) driver IC for use in wearable devices at Opto Taiwan 2021 optoelectronics exhibition during December 21-23, according to the company.

The PM driver IC, developed in cooperation with Hong Kong-based IC design house Solomon Systech (International), can reach a resolution level of 256 x 256 as compared with that of 128 x 128 for ICs used in PMOLED panels, PlayNitride said. Adoption of PM driver ICs shortens time taken in developing TFT substrates to 3-6 months, as compared with longer than six months if conventional driver ICs are used, PlayNitride noted, adding the 1.58-inch micro LED display stands a chance of coming into commercialization in 2022.

PlayNitride is showcasing a 11.6-inch microLED automotive display developed in cooperation with China-based panel maker Tianma Micro-electronics. Unlike modular automotive displays, the 11.6-inch microLED display is a single panel made of 7.14 million microLED chips with resolution of 2,480 x 960 and PPI of 228 and can be used in central information displays or dashboards, PLayNitride said, adding that Tianma has been in design-in process with clients for the display.

PLayNitride will make IPO in Taiwan in 2022.