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GWM Unveils Newly Branded High-End EV with Mini LED Taillights

On November 19, Great Wall Motor (GWM) unveiled the first model “Mecha Dragon (JiJiaLong)” under its electric sub-brand Saloon at an automotive trade show in Guangzhou.

With a design based on advanced mechanical esthetics, the new model features a sharp 160-degree angle that leads to the headlights, angular lines on both sides and Mini LED taillights with display content that can be customized.

The Mecha Dragon is the first in the world that adopts four LiDAR units (Huawei’s 96-channel hybrid solid-state LiDAR); the car can detect objects and pedestrians at a distance of ≥200 m and ≥150 m respectively.

The Mecha Dragon is equipped with 38 smart sensors including the said four LiDAR units, five mmWave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, two DVR cameras, a DMS camera, an OMS camera and a highly accurate IMU sensor.

The novel vehicle adopts Huawei’s autonomous driving chip MDC and two sets of smart driving computing platforms with 400TOPs computing power. Being the first model powered by the “Dayu” battery, the Mecha Dragon boasts a CLTC (China light-duty vehicle test cycle)-certified range of 802 km and a recouped 401 km range from just 10-minute charging.

The Mecha Dragon’s smart interior, “Source Code”, is equipped with Qualcomm® SA8155P, two built-in cameras, four major independent sound zones and seven interactive screens.

Saloon plans to produce only 101 Mecha Dragon models priced at 488,000 yuan each and ship them in 1H22, accordingly to a source familiar with the matter. The EV company aims to sell 200,000 vehicles by 2025 and release a new model each year. (Source: iThome)