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JBD’s AmµLED™ MircoLED Projector Development Kit for Smart Eyewear

Shanghai, China, November 24, 2021 – Jade Bird Display (Shanghai) Limited, JBD a leading microLED display manufacturer, has announced the release of its AmµLED™MicroLEDprojectors & optical modules for smart eyewear. In addition, development kits are available to aid OEMs in their rapid development, evaluation and prototyping of their smart eyewear & Augmented Reality products. 

JBD has released both polychrome & monochrome projectors. The monochrome & polychrome projector/optical module development kits come with 3-chanel control board and accessories. The development kits work seamlessly with the accompanying Windows application that can control several parameters such as pixel current, PWM, offset and mirror the projected images and has several other features for accurate testing and evaluation.

The monochrome projector is only 0.35cc in volume, has a FOV of 30°, weighs nominally 0.60 grams & is available in red, green and blue. It can be used for monochrome smart eyeglasses development or it can be used in RGB waveguides with multiple input couplers for polychrome applications. The polychrome projector is only 1.5cc in volume, has a FOV of 30° & weighs nominally 2.3 grams. In the polychrome module projector, a x-cube prism is used to combine images from three individual monochrome panels attached to the faces of the X-cube prism. Both the monochrome & polychrome projectors are focused at infinity.  

JBD is also offering monochrome & polychrome optical modules where the projectors are coupled to either monochrome or RGB diffractive waveguides from our partner. 

By LEDinside