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Everlight provides IR LED devices for wearable VR/AR devices

LED packaging service provider Everlight Electronics has been working with clients in developing VR/AR wearable devices by providing infrared (IR) LED and LED-based sensing devices, according to company chairman Robert Yeh.

Such VR/AR wearable devices entail use of IR LED devices and LED-based sensing devices to create virtual environment, Yeh explained, adding such devices will be launched in 2022.

Everlight participated in development of VR devices launched by HTC and supplied IR LED devices and LED-based sensing devices, according to industry sources.

Everlight is optimistic about demand for miniLED devices, Yeh noted. The company is in the process of certification by automakers for miniLED backlighting of automotive displays, Yeh noted, adding it is developing miniLED devices for headlights, and lighting for electric vehicles (EV).

Due to fast growing demand for photo couplers, Everlight will expand the corresponding production capacity by 50% in 2022, Yeh said.