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Luohuaxin Signs a Research Partnership to Develop Micro LED Chips

This year, Nantong became the first city in Jiangsu, China, to follow the government’s “open competition” policy by announcing winners of 11 core technology projects. Currently, all of the projects have been released, including the “Fabrication of Micro LED chips for high resolution and full-color displays” project proposed by Luohuaxin Display Technology Development (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

On the morning of November 12, Luohuaxin signed a partnership with Nanjing University and the Nantong Science and Technology Bureau to kick off a 3-year research project. The partnership is also the first among the 10 projects in the city government’s Joint Release of Novel Technologies.

Luohuaxin was founded in December 2019 at the Nantong Development Zone. The company plans to spend 3.5 billion yuan ($548.31 million) on constructing research, development and production bases of advanced Mini/Micro LED light sources and modules for display products. The bases will occupy an area of roughly 3.07 hectare; the first-phase plants totaling an area of 0.5 hectare are about to the accomplished, which are expected to be put into production in March next year.

Thanks to successful research and development since its establishment, Luohuaxin has begun mass producing Mini LED backlights for UHD displays and become a supplier of leading players including Huawei and Apple. Currently, the firm’s orders on hand are valued at 100 million yuan ($15.66 million) in total.

Additionally, the company is developing Micro LED chips for ultra-small UHD displays that are applied to VR and AR sectors. For example, the project (i.e., Fabrication of Micro LED chips for high resolution and full-color displays) it is working on with top professionals including prof. Liu Bing from the Nanjing University research team led by Mr. Zheng You-Liao (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences) aims to overcome technical challenges on the size, brightness, lifetime and stability of Micro LED chips. (Source: Nantong Daily)

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