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TrendForce 2022 Global LED Video Wall Market Outlook and Price Cost Analysis

According to TrendForce 2022 Global LED Video Wall Market Outlook and Price Cost Analysis, as the COVID-19 outbreak is slowing down, the global LED video wall market has witnessed strong demand return between 2Q21 and 3Q21. Recoveries in markets that were severely affected by the 2020 pandemic have been particularly robust in 2021, including commercial rental, sports venues, corporation & education, and outdoor displays. According to TrendForce analysis, the LED video wall market scale is likely to reach USD 6.351 billion in 2021 (+14.9% YoY) and jump to USD 12.017 billion in 2025.


2022 LED Video Wall Market Trend and Outlook



TrendForce indicated that countries worldwide begin lifting lockdown restrictions as vaccination rates increase; business and sporting events, such as the UEFA Champions League and Tokyo Olympics, have returned, thereby driving overall market demand. Additionally, due to rising costs of upstream materials including LEDs, driver ICs, and PCBs, major LED video wall manufacturers have raised prices of their products to ensure basic profits. Raising prices also implies that these leading companies are optimistic about the future market demand.

Indoor Display: Demand for high-resolution and HDR products has contributed to stable sales growth in video walls for corporation & education spaces, movie cinemas and home theaters, and virtual production. Benefited from government stimulus packages, display applications in control rooms will again move into the spotlight. In addition, transparent displays in retail stores can bring a “beyond imagination” visual feast for all the shoppers.

Outdoor Display: Thanks to government stimulus packages, market demand for traffic and advertising billboards/landmarks will continue to grow steadily in 2021–2022. Particularly, applications of outdoor fine pitch displays are projected to include high-end commercial advertising display (e.g., street furniture, bus shelter displays). Further, the highly realistic HDR technology of glasses-free 3D displays has successfully improved urban landscaping and caught pedestrians’ eyes.


Global LED Fine Pitch Display Market Scale

According to TrendForce, despite the fact that COVID-19 pandemic strongly hit the LED video wall market, the market of all-in-one LED display for corporation & education enjoyed remarkable growth and virtual production market also became a focus of attention in 2020. Meanwhile, the market of ≤P1.0 ultra fine pitch display for security surveillance, corporation & education, and home theater achieved steady growth as well. With the steadily growing LED fine pitch display market in 2020, the market scale of LED fine pitch displays slightly increased to USD 2.738 billion (+5.0% YoY). As the application of LED fine pitch displays consistently extends and the shipment of ≤P1.0 ultra fine pitch displays increases year by year, the CAGR of global LED fine pitch displays is 27% during 2020-2025.


All-in-One LED Display Market Trend

All-in-One (AIO) LED displays are controller-integrated standardized products, which are slimmer (avg. 3–5cm in thickness), emphasize on-site modularization enabling quick installation, and can be installed and testing within 1 to 2 hours. All-in-One LED displays feature an aspect ratio of 16:9, a size ranging 110–220 inches, a pitch pixel of P1.2–P2.5, and FHD resolution, and can be portable, wall mounted, or floor-standing. AIO LED displays are mainly applied to corporate meeting rooms, event and exhibition venues, lecture halls, control rooms, Esports venues, and even home theaters.    

According to TrendForce analysis, MaxHub topped the list of All-in-One LED display rankings by market share in 2020, followed by CLT, Leyard, Absen, and Unilumin.


2020-2021(E) LED Video Wall Player Revenue Performance

According to TrendForce, most of the video wall manufacturers experienced a decrease of 10%-30% caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though overall revenue for 2020 declined to USD 631 million (-17.4% YoY), Leyard ranked first thanks to the strong market demand in China. Unilumin also faced a decrease in revenue from overseas market, but its revenue was only down slightly to USD 600 million (-3.1% YoY) as the company raised the business proportion in Chinese market and thus ranked second. The next is Qiangli Jucai who focused on Chinese market and achieved revenue growth against the trend by actively developing distribution marketing. Samsung Electronics ranked 6th since its revenue delivered by The Wall series offset the revenue decrease of outdoor video wall. According to TrendForce analysis top ten LED video wall manufacturers have a 64.1% market share and top 20 have a 76.5% market share.


≤P1.0 Ultra Fine Pitch Display Product Trend

Due to the impact of COVID-19 outbreak, the price of video wall products dropped significantly in 2020, potentially driving the end market towards ≤P1.0 ultra fine pitch displays. Main manufacturers included Samsung Electronics, Leyard, Unilumin, Ledman, Cedar, CREATELED and HCP. Amongst those, Samsung Electronics, Leyard, Unilumin had market share to the tune of 65%.

Active matrix solutions are mainly applied to the market of LED video walls with multiple spliced displays, among which the method of wrap-around electrodes Glass is dominant. The biggest challenges of this approach lie on splicing process, splicing surface evenness, and color consistency. Additionally, cost remains the key factor affecting the development active matrix LED displays. LED video wall players have planned to introduce active matrix solutions to the production of LED video walls with a pixel pitch of ≤P0.625, while paying attention to the technological development and price trends of passive matrix solutions.

TrendForce’s analysis focuses on 2022 LED video wall market outlook and application market trends; major LED video wall players’ revenue and product development; LED video wall price and cost analysis; suppliers’ technology and product specification cost development of the Micro LED / Mini LED / ≤P1.0 ultra fine pitch display markets; LED video wall sales channel analysis, etc. TrendForce aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of marketing and sales in the LED video wall market.

Written by Joanne Wu and Allen Yu, Analyst of TrendForce Corp.

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