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US Startup Makes AR Contact Lens Using Micro LED Displays

The idea of embedding sand-sized Micro LED into an AR contact lens that can produce a 200-inch virtual display might sound like some kind of futuristic concept from a sci-fi novel, but a startup is making it happen—literally.

The startup, US-based Mojo Vision, was founded in 2015. Its CEO Drew Perkins had previously established various companies with other cofounders. In 2011, Perkins was diagnosed with cataract. After being treated with intraocular lens implants, Perkins still lost part of his vision.

This has prompted Perkins to start thinking whether optical approaches can be used to correct vision and considering the possibility of adopting the non-invasive “bionic eye” technology.

In 2015, Perkins validated his hypotheses with Mike Wiemer and Michael Deering (currently Mojo Vision’s CTO and CSO, respectively) and raised $750,000 through seed funding. Subsequently, the three hired dozens of employees from Apple, Amazon, HP, Google and other big techs, forming the startup’s initial team.

The Mojo Lens, as Mojo Vision calls its AR contact lens, is powered by a 0.48mm, 14000 PPI green monochrome Micro LED display. With the size of a grain of sand, the Micro LED gadget—set to be placed in front of the wearer’s pupil—focuses light on the fovea through a retinal projector. Despite its extremely small size in relation to the entire retina, the fovea delivers 50% of visual information in the brain. In this way, the fovea-focused Mojo Lens does not require high brightness, hence the high energy efficiency.

Additionally, the Mojo Lens is equipped with a thin-film, bio-safe battery, motion sensors for eye tracking and an image sensor for computer vision and scenario analysis with extremely low power consumption.

Now you might wonder how it feels to wear such a cutting-edge product, but the Mojo Lens, unfortunately, is still under development. Moreover, the FDA’s approval must be obtained prior to the lens’ official launch.

The Mojo Lens is a hard lens made of medical-grade RGP materials, boasting high oxygen permeability and ability to relieve discomfort caused by extended wear. Compared with traditional contacts, the scleral lens with greater diameter avoids cornea contact and thus provides better comfort.

Mojo Vision has demonstrated various possible applications in the future, such as presenting data during a sports event, messages from others during interpersonal interactions and GPS instructions in everyday life.

Still, the Mojo Lens will first serve as a low vision aid, like helping individuals with visual impairment to see things clearly.

With ambitious goals, Mojo Vision dedicates itself to using the Mojo Lens to help those with vision impairment regain eyesight and to help people obtain information more directly. As the saying goes, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” Mojo Vision has taken the initiative to wash the “window” for us, despite various challenges awaiting the startup before its product becomes available. (By LEDinside)

By LEDinside