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AUO, Adlink jointly develop edge visualization solutions for vertical applications

TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics (AUO) and industrial computing device maker Adlink Technology have formed a strategic partnership to develop edge visualization solutions for vertical application to smart transportation, smart medical care, enterprises' smart management and smart manufacturing, according to AUO president and COO Frank Ko and Adlink chairman and CEO Jim Liu at online AUO x Adlink Tech Form-Visualization at the Edge co-hosted by the two companies on November 2.

Edge visualization is fusion of AUO-developed advanced display technology and Adlink-developed edge computing integrated with AI for intelligent application.

AUO has been transforming its business operation based on a 2-axis strategy, that is, Go Premium to develop and produce high value-added panels and Go Vertical to extend the value of panel display through combining panels with AI and IoT technologies, Ko said.

In line with Go Vertical axis, AUO in 2020 made stake investment in Adlink because Adlink's capability in edge computing is complementary to AUO's in display, Ko noted, adding that strategic cooperation between AUO and Adlink enables combination of such complementary capabilities to visualize edge computing results through intelligent interactive human-machine interfaces.

AI, IoT and 5G have led to the coming of Display Everywhere 2.0 ear, making displays ubiquitous, Ko said. Edge visualization solutions via combination of edge computing and AI can convert data into interactive graphic expression to make terminal devices smart, Ko noted.

Adlink's technological strength is combination of edge computing devices with AI technology to enable intelligent decision making, and the strategic partnership with AUO can facilitate use of visualization devices to realize application of edge computing, Liu indicated.

Edge computing signifies the future and is key to connecting OT (operational technology) with IT, Liu said. Using AI, 5G and IoT technologies, data can be collected at the edge and transferred via private 5G networks for users to undertake AI-based analysis and edge computing to make real-time correct decisions and actions and thereby to reduce production cost, Liu explained.

AUO has cooperated with Adlink to make its factory in northern Taiwan a swarm autonomous one that features harmonious collaboration between AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) and is expected to hike material/product handling and carrying efficiency by 33%.

AUO has extended use of display technology to development of end-to-end solutions applied to retail, enterprise management, education, transportation, medical care, manufacturing and energy management through establishing more than 10 subsidiaries which have so far developed six SaaS platforms and over 60 solutions for vertical application to serve more than 500 enterprises globally.