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Samsung Plans to Cut Pixel Pitch to P0.5 for 100″ and Smaller Micro LED TVs

As South Korean media reported, Samsung plans to reduce the pixel pitch of its Micro LED TVs of ≤100″ in size to achieve 4K resolution. However, the manufacturing conglomerate is faced with mass transfer difficulties, high costs and other challenges.

Reportedly, Samsung is now developing a new technology to cut the pixel pitch of Micro LED TVs (≤100″ in size) to 0.5mm with chip size of 34×58 μm2.

To meet the requirement of display resolution, the South Korean company produced a 110″ 4K Micro LED TV featuring a pixel pitch of 0.63mm and 800M+ LED chips.

Reducing the pixel pitch of ≤100″ products indicates that more LEDs must be used to achieve 4K resolution, thus raising the production cost as well as the required yield rate.

Additionally, Samsung announced a plan to produce Micro LED TVs smaller than 100″ in size using LTPS-TFT, which can facilitate the design of micro circuits, independent control of smaller LEDs and improvement of display resolution.

Samsung’s 110″ Micro LED TV is currently priced at 170 million won in South Korea (around $145,347), which is rather costly. To average consumers, a smaller model indicates a more affordable price.

In January this year, the manufacturing giant intended to release a 99″ Micro LED TV around March–April in South Korea but failed to do so. Instead, Samsung expects to announce a 75″–88″ model by the end of 2021.

Presently, the company is still having difficulties in providing ≤100″ Micro LED TVs. Beforehand, however, it had reportedly been developing a new mass transfer technology that can help reduce the production cost of Micro LED TVs.

Samsung’s TV sales average 50 million units per year, while the Micro LED TV market is not yet fully developed, leaving the company plenty of time to establish first-mover advantages. Under such circumstances, it might release more Micro LED TVs to take the lion’s share in advance. (By Janice from LEDinside )

By LEDinside