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TV Brands Release Flagship Products With Mini-LED Backlight

2021 is shaping up to be the year of the mini-LED TV. Huawei and TCLboth have launched high-end mini-LED backlight TVs recently. Do you know the advantages of mini-LED backlights? Let’s take a close look!

mini-LED backlight local dimming technology upgrades the overall performance of LCD TVs so that they could achieve high picture quality and high contrast ratios. It could be said that mini-LED TVs are comparable to OLED TVs. Moreover, the stability and lifetime of mini-LED backlight TVs are much better than OLED TVs. Thus, lots of Chinese, Korean and Japanese brands want to seize this market.

Huawei at the end of July introduced “Smart Screen V 75 Super”, which adopts advanced mini-LED backlight technology. This mini-LED TV features a 75-inch display with 46,080 mini-LEDs and has 2,880 physical partitions.

And at the end of August, TCL also launched mini-LED backlight TVs “X12 8K Mini LED Starlight Smart Screen”, which reaches85 inches, equipped with 96,000 mini-LEDs. It comes with 1,920 physical partitions and realizes ultra-accurate local dimming.

According to market analysts,mini-LED backlight TVs is projected to reach penetration rates of 5-10%. Macroblock looks forward to the growing mini-LED backlight TV market, and has already launched a series of mini-LEDbacklight driver ICs, MBI6353 and MBI6328.

By LEDinside