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AUO Cooperates with CHIMEI Museum as Its A.R.T. Display Technology Offers an Alternative for Artwork Reproduction

By cooperating with art institutions, AUO has made the use of advanced display technologies possible in various scenarios. The panel giant announced its partnership with CHIMEI Museum, where the company applied its Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) to the museum gift shop. Visitors can then have novel visual experiences created through the combination of advanced display technology with art. Additionally, A.R.T. enables some of CHIMEI’s essential collections to be reproduced at AUO’s headquarter hall, transforming its work space into an art exhibition gallery.

Wei-Lung Liau, Chief Technology Officer of AUO, indicated that the display technology is like a human being’s secondary pair of eyes, prompting them to demand for more natural, lifelike images. Serving as an interface of virtual art exhibitions, A.R.T.—gaining CHIMEI’s favor and being applied to museum exhibitions—demonstrates its ability to reproduce detailed textures in works of art. The partnership between AUO and CHIMEI helps reach new target audiences and replicate the experience of art appreciation in a museum. With immersive viewing experiences, visitors can explore CHIMEI’s collections as if they were physically in the museum.

Reportedly, AUO developed several A.R.T. monitors of various specs for gallery and professional application exhibitions, including 75″ 8K, 32″ 4K and 17″ 2K models. The monitors feature high resolution, high contrast and natural color reproduction, which can present images of amazing quality in an environment with complex light sources. Further, A.R.T. can change the direction of reflected light through unique surface structure design and effectively reduce disturbance from direct glare such as that from window light with an extra low-reflectivity coating. Therefore, an A.R.T.-based display can maintain excellent image quality in a bright environment.

CHIMEI Museum said that presenting high-resolution digital collections with an advanced display technology largely exemplifies the art–technology combination in everyday life. The museum discovered that many visitors thought the A.R.T. monitor is a real painting reproduction when they first saw it in the gift shop, and later realized that it is actually a digital monitor when it started to scroll the painting to the next one. Such experience verifies the preciseness of A.R.T.. The produced images are so realistic that they are often mistaken as real paintings.

As AUO emphasized, art collecting and appreciation have become common nowadays. A.R.T. serves as an art reproduction alternative for art marketing, business reputation management and organization of international joint exhibitions in places such as hotels, banks, company building halls, photographic studios and private collection spaces.

By LEDinside