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Tons Lightology suffers delay in shipment

LED lighting maker Tons Lightology has obtained orders with shipments scheduled until several months after but has had shipments deferred due to congested logistics operations at many harbors around the world and shortage of containers, according to the company.

OEM demand in the US and Europe markets has rebounded, but many shipments have lagged behind schedule, leading to smaller consolidated revenues than originally expected, Tons said.

While LED lighting vendors have raised prices by 3-15% to reflect increased material cost since the end of 2020, Tons hiked quotes for two rounds in the first half of 2021 and will further hike quotes depending on product lines in the second half, Tons noted.

In addition to OEM shipments, Tons focuses own-brand marketing on LED lighting projects for large commercial facilities, museums, and enterprise headquarters in the China market, with the corresponding revenue proportion standing at 30% at present. LED penetration of lighting in the China market has risen to 78%, higher than the global average of 57% estimated for 2021, Tons indicated.