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China panel makers showcase new display products at DIC 2020

China's major LCD panel makers highlighted an array of new display products and solutions at the recently concluded DIC Expo 2020 (International Display Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition) held in Shanghai during July 22-24.

BOE Technology showcased its flexible display products that are being used by Huawei for its Mate X foldable smartphones, along with a 49-inch 32:9 ultra-wide OLED display with a 1,800R curvature.

BOE also exhibited two mini LED-backlit displays sized 15.6- and 27-inch respectively. The company has claimed that its mini LED displays could generate more natural display effects along with an ultra-high million-level contrast ratio.

Tianma Microelectronics highlighted its newly developed multi-point in-display fingerprint sensing solutions along with an assortment of flexible OLED, micro LED displays for automotive, medical care and industrial control applications.

Tianma has also developed a 21:9 full screen flexible OLED display with a resolution of 2,592 by 2,176 for high-end foldable smartphone applications.

Being the top vendor of automotive panels in China, Tianma also highlighted a 7.7-inch AM micro LED panel that features a transmittance ratio of 60% and a pixel density of 114ppi. The company has developed the micro LED panel in cooperation with Taiwan-based LCD chipmaker PlayNitride.

Everdisplay Technology, a specialist for AMOLED panels, showcased a 12.8-inch flexible AMOLED panel for automotive applications along with a 15.6-inch 4K rigid OLED notebook panel and an 11-inch WQHD rigid OLED table panel.

Visionox demonstrated its first in-display camera solution along with a 3D hyperboloid flexible AMOLED panel for wearable applications and other OLED panels featuring a 144Hz refresh rate.