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Skytech Becomes Epistar’s Supplier of ALD Equipment for Mini/Micro LED Production

Skytech managed to overcome challenges in developing advanced semiconductor equipment and developed an atomic deposition layer (ALD) instrument, becoming the first Taiwanese equipment supplier that achieved “mass production” of ALD thin-film solutions. With its ALD equipment being verified and adopted by Epistar, Skytech has contributed to Epistar’s endeavor to promote commercialized applications of LED technologies.

Founded in 2002, Skytech is a major supplier of critical semiconductor components in Taiwan. In 2017, the company started to invest in developing critical equipment of semiconductor device fabrication. Currently, Skytech offers several self-developed apparatuses, including a PVD machine (NexdaTM), ALD and powder ALD tool (AtomilaTM), bonding system (Bondela Bonder), debonding system (Catapulta Debonder), laser lift-off machine, and wafer robot (Skiwar).

Skytech CEO Vic Lin specified that under the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan, the company developed a complete set of ALD thin-film solutions for Mini/Micro LED production. The equipment provided for Epistar features a unique reaction cavity and adjustable precursor feeding design; the fabricated ALD thin film has excellent coating uniformity and repeatability, desirable shoot-through resistance, high transmittance, and low precursor dose.

As for the more advanced Micro LED equipment development, Lin indicated that Micro LED screens are composed of smaller red, green, and blue fine pixels, of which the fabrication process can easily cause damage to the delicate nanostructure inside and luminous intensity losses.

To solve the problem, Skytech is developing a pre-passivation technology to repair the structural damage during Micro LED fabrication and make the luminous intensity return to the pre-fabrication level or even a higher level. Skytech is working closely with various LED suppliers. (Source: Commercial Times)