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Chip shortage continues to impact LCD panel makers

Taiwan-based LCD panel makers continue to feel the impact of chip shortages, which will likely persist for the next 2-3 years, according to industry sources.

The price of LCD TV panels below 55 inches has been further declined by US$3-4 in August, compared with the month earlier. Larger LCD TVs of 65 or 75-inch ended their price-rising streak this month; the price of IT panels continues to rise but by smaller increases.

AU Optronics, Hannstar, and Coretronics have reiterated at their shareholder meetings that the shortage isn't going away in 2-3 years.

Paul Peng, AU Optronics' chairman said the demand for commercial panels will start growing in the second half of the year while materials are nowhere to be found, and the chip shortage could persist for a few years more. Panel production will still be limited due to the chip shortage.

Hsu-Ho Wu, Hannstar vice president said the shortage will continue to impact the IC industry as chips are needed for mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks.

Sarah Lin, president of Coretronics said the supply of driver IC is still tight. On top of material shortage, the lack of shipping containers causes another impact on shipments.