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Liande Becomes BOE’s Supplier of Mini LED Machinery

On July 22, Liande announced on an investor interaction platform that it has begun providing ACF attachment and COF punching machines as well as equipment of automatic PCB bonding of Mini LEDs for BOE.  

Reportedly, Liande is a leading supplier of electronics production machines and solutions in China. The company specializes in the development, production, sales, and services of assembly machines for panel display automation modules. Its products mainly include machines for bonding, attachment, polarizer lamination, testing, processing lines of large-size TVs, semiconductor flip chip, and mobile terminal automation. 

Liande’s machines can be widely applied to the production of display modules in flat panel displays (mainly the production of TFT-LCD and OLED display modules) as well as assembly and production of touchable screens and related component parts.

Liande has established partnerships with various well-known flat panel display manufacturers, including BOE, TCL, Shenzhen Tianma, Visionox, Huawei, Apple, Lens Technology, Foxconn, Token, Luxshare ICT, and BYD.

Particularly, BOE is one of Liande’s major client. According to the “Notice on Signing Major Daily Operation Contracts” published by Liande in April this year, as of April 27, the machine supplier’s sales agreements with BOE totaled RMB103.4515 million (US$16 million; tax included), accounting for 11.70% of its total audited revenue in 2020.

By LEDinside