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Automotive lighting module suppliers EOI, Laster see 2Q21 sales rebound

Although the supply of automotive chips in the second half of the year remains slow and the overall shortage of materials continues to affect future shipment, the automotive lighting module maker, Excellence Optoelectronics (EOI) still expects its sales performance in 2021 to be better than 2020.

EOI recently has obtained certification in more than 10 new automotive lighting models from the supply chain makers for Ford Motor and General Motors (GM). EOI is expanding production capacity at its factory in Taiwan, with the capacity coming into operation in early 2022.

Laster Tech, the biggest automotive lighting module supplier in China, also expects its sales performance to rebound in the second quarter of 2021, thanks to the recovery of sales in China's new car market and the increasing LED penetration.

According to market studies, global LED penetration of automobile headlights for all new cars in 2021 is likely to reach 60% and that for all new electric vehicles may reach 90%. Laster expects such penetration for all new cars in the China market alone in 2021 to reach 50%. The company has 23% of the first-half 2021 consolidated revenues coming from LED automotive headlight modules.

Laster has begun production of LED automotive light controllers at its factory in northern Taiwan for US-based clients, with monthly shipments expected to reach the corresponding sales revenues of over NT$30 million (US$1.07 million) in the fourth quarter of 2021 and NT$75 million in the future.