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Tyntek, Opto Tech see Si-based sensor chips order visibility till 3Q21

LED chip and Si-based sensor chip makers Tyntek and Opto Tech have seen strong demand for Si-based sensor chips, with shipments for such orders scheduled until the end of third-quarter 2021 at least, according to the companies.

For Si-based sensor chips, Tyntek has fully utilized production capacity based on 5-inch epitaxial wafers and is setting up a factory based on 6-inch wafers. Tyntek will undertake small-volume trial production at the new factory in third-quarter 2021 and begin volume production in the following quarter. Tynterk aims to have initial monthly shipments from the new factory exceed NT$10 million (US$358,000) in value to reach break-even operation in fourth-quarter 2021.

Opto Tech has set aside a capex budget of NT$800 million for expanding production capacity for LED chips and Si-based sensor chips, with the additional capacity to come into operation in second-quarter 2022.

Tyntek has reported consolidated revenues of NT$268.6 million for June, decreasing 4.95% sequentially but increasing 31.21% on year. Consolidated sales of NT$831.2 million for second-quarter 2021 grew 9.45% sequentially and 29.44% on year, and those of NT$1.591 billion for January-June rose 40.29% on year.

Opto Tech saw consolidated revenues of NT$543.6 million for June grow 64.55% sequentially and 6.23% on year. Consolidated revenues of NT$1.384 billion for the second quarter slipped 12.60% sequentially but inched up 0.43% on year, and those of NT$2.967 billion for January-June increased 16.73% on year.