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LCD panel prices to rise at slower pace in July

LCD panel prices will continue to rise in July, but at a slower pace as sales of TVs in China are heading for a slowdown, weakening demand for panels, according to industry sources.

On the supply side, related panel makers are likely to ramp up their output, but will adjust their strategies by allocating more capacity for IT applications and reducing those for TVs, said the sources.

According to Sigmaintell Consulting, prices of small- to medium-size panels will stay flat in July due to a balance in supply and demand. However, quotes for large-size applications will continue moving upward, albeit slowly.

Quotes for 32-, 34-, 50- and 55-inch TV panels are likely to stay flat at US$88, US$136, US$202, and US$226, respectively, in July, said Sigmaintell.

However, July prices for 65- and 75-inch models each will edge up by US$4 to US$294 and US$395, respectively.

Sigmaintell also estimates ASP for 21.5-inch LCMs for monitors to rise US$2 sequentially to US$68 in July, compared to a corresponding gain of US$2.50 to US$74.50 for 23.8-inch IPS modules and a hike of US$2 to US$70.80 for the sizes of open-cell ones. Quotes for 27-inch IPS modules will gain US$2.0 to US$90.9.

Due to a weakening in demand for Chromebooks from the educational sector, prices of 11.6-inch HD TN notebook panels will remain flat in July and those for 14-inch HD TN panel modules for Chromebooks will edge up US$1 to US$42.30.

Quotes for mainstream 14-inch and 15.6-inch IPS panel modules for notebooks could rise by US$1.50 to US$49.90 and US$54, respectively, in July.