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Shipment for Apple’s New iPad Pro Rumored to Have Delayed to July Due to Unresolved Mini LED Yield Rate

Apple announced the new iPad Pro in April, and the 12.9” iPad Pro is also adopted with Mini LED, though rumors are now circulating on how the yield rate of Mini LED has deferred the delivery of the 12.9” iPad Pro to the end of July, whereas the 11” iPad Pro is still scheduled for delivery between the end of May and early June as indicated on the official website.

Bloomberg reports that the new iPad Pro will be officially available within a week or so, yet those who pre-ordered the 12.9” variation may have to wait until July to get their hands on the product, since the delivery date for the product has been postponed from late-June to early July.

As pointed out by the coverage, the repeated delay in the delivery date of 12.9” iPad Pro is primarily due to the multiple challenges encountered in the production of Mini LED. Bloomberg had reported back in April that Apple was already hit with poor yield rate in the manufacturing of Mini LED prior to the announcement of the new iPad Pro, which restricts the relevant supply. Nonetheless, sources have said that Apple’s suppliers are still attempting to mass produce this complex display.

The coverage indicates that delayed shipment is a rare phenomenon for someone who possesses an enormous supply chain like Apple. Despite accepting pre-orders in April, the increasing delivery time for the 12.9” iPad Pro has resulted in supply issues owing to the unimproved yield rate of Mini LED. As for the 11” iPad Pro, the arrival time is listed as between the end of May and early June from the official website. Apple’s spokesperson refused to comment on the particular rumor.

By LEDinside