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Taiwan tech firms tighten precautionary measures against COVID-19

Taiwan-based high-tech companies in various sectors have all strengthened their precautionary measures, such as operating in segregated teams and work from home (WFH) in response to a recent surge in domestic COVID-19 infections, especially in Taipei and New Taipei, northern Taiwan, according to industry sources.

Leading foundry TSMC has stated that further precautionary measures against Covid-19 will be enforced on all its premises starting May 19, including WFH and rotational work schedules for segregated teams. It will also enforce strict restrictions on staff conferences, cross-plant business travels, and education and training activities.

UMC noted that it will enforce stricter anti-virus measures than set by the government and has adopted rotational work shifts for employees and banned them from visiting each other.

Top backend house ASE Technology has asked around 60 employees in Taipei to rotate work at the office on different work days and stop business travels to its other plant sites in Chungli, northern Taiwan and Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan.

Memory module makers Adata Technology, Team Group and Apacer have all adopted flexible office hours, WFH or rotational office work schedules for employees, and will adjust related rules on a rolling basis in accordance with the pandemic development. Winbond has suspended domestic business travels, cross-plant visits and large-size internal meetings.

Pegatron and Largan Precision, after being informed by health authorities of individual infection cases involving their employees, have soon completed disinfections at their work sites in northern Taiwan and segregated those in contact with the infected employees. They have also divided employees into three groups, allowing them to rotate in going to office or work from home, and will further tighten pandemic prevention measures based on government regulations.

Brand PC vendor Acer has enforced WFH and office work schemes across the board for two segregated teams. Austek Computer said it will conduct daily disinfections at all its offices and employee restaurants while enhancing remote work for employees.

Assemblers Compal, Mitac, Foxconn, Wistron and Inventec have decided to allow their employees residing in COVID hot zones to work from home, while also enforcing rotational work arrangements for other employees.

Panel makers AUO and Innolux, and passive components makers Yageo, Walsin technology, Tai-Tech Advanced Electronics, Chilisin Electronics have all adopted similar measures and will flexibly enforce stricter arrangements if needed.

Most PCB makers have yet to initiate WFH as most of their offices and manufacturing plants are not located in Taipei or New Taipei, but have all adopted rigid virus prevention measures at their production lines.