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Ennostar to maintain full capacity utilization for miniLED through 2021

Ennostar has sustained full capacity utilization for miniLED chips since the start of May to support shipments for new 12.9-inch iPad Pro devices, with the shipment momentum likely to persist into the fourth quarter of the year, according to industry sources.

Ennostar's chief financial officer BY Chang said its April revenues rose 13.7% sequentially to NT$2.912 billion (US$103.74 million), with the growth mainly driven by robust miniLED shipments.

Chang continued that the company expects to maintain full capacity utilization for miniLED chips through 2021 and will manage to boost yield rates to enable more capacity to meet increasing shipment demand from clients.

Chang estimated miniLED shipments will grow quarter by quarter in 2021 to contribute 30% of the company's revenues for the year.

Ennostar has planned to boost its annual production of such chips to one million 4-inch wafers, which will be enough for supporting 10 million miniLED panels a year, according to Chang.

The company has also seen its AIGaInP LED production lines running at full capacity so far this year to meet strong demand for automotive, sensing and plant growth lighting applications. It will move to expand capacity for high-end AIGaInP LED with high gross margins in the second half of the year, with the additional capacity expected to start revenue contribution in the fourth quarter.