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Nichia Develops Next Generation Slimmed Down Mini-LED of High Luminance and Low Power Consumption

Nichia managed to achieve differentiation through its compelling degree of technical ability so as to maintain its leading position in the market.

In the midst of the ferocious competition in the overall LED industry, global LED leader Nichia has announced (May 5th 2021) on the development of the new and highly differentiated Mini-LED light source through the innovation and high technical ability of the company.

Nichia previously developed Nichia Light Cluster® Type V, a Mini-LED light source used on ultra-thin LCD monitors, and is adopted on desktop monitors, notebooks, tablets, and head-mounted displays.

Compared to Mini-LED light sources in the past, Nichia’s light source is able to achieve a full screen luminance at 1,000 nits under extremely low power consumption, and an ultra-high luminance at 2,000 nits for partial screen areas. In addition, the 1,000 nits of partial dimming can also achieve a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 (refers to the differences in brightness, where the larger the value the clearer the resolution). Thanks to these properties, consumers are now able to enjoy realistic motions without having to worry about the power consumption. Furthermore, the backlight module is at the thinnest of 1.63mm in the industry, which achieves the slimming (above figures referred to 16” LCD) of Mini-LED notebooks.

The largest feature of the Nichia Light Cluster® Type V lies on the angle of diffusion that can be suppressed by the product’s optical design, which elevates the vertical luminous efficiency. Hence, compared to general Mini-LED, the light source of Nichia is still able to achieve a high luminance under low power consumption. In addition, the product exerts better in suppressing the halo effect (caused by a leakage of light from dimming zones to non-dimming zones during partial dimming) compared to general Mini-LED due to the smaller diffusion angle of light. Nichia has adopted a white light LED array, which further improves in color uniformity from past Mini-LEDs, where the realistic motions can be experienced from the demo unit.

Nichia will be dedicated in the development in the niche field of high luminance, low power consumption, and slimming. The new fab exclusively constructed for Nichia Light Cluster® Type V has now successfully shipped out products, and will attempt a fourfold increase in output by the end of 2021 to respond to the HDR display market.

Adhering to the enterprise spirit that creates profitability through highly differentiated technology and products, Nichia will continue to dedicate to technology development, as well as implement R&D and equipment investment regardless of cost. The aforementioned mentioned innovative products can be incorporated into the market at any time to lead the industry. Nichia also believes that new markets in LED technology can be expanded through this particular management guideline, which becomes the energy in profitability for the company.

Mini LED is adequately applicable on notebooks, as it not only surpasses the brightness of OLED, as well as possesses properties such as low power consumption and ultra-thin design, but also continues to increase in local dimming in accordance with high dynamic range imaging (HDR) at a rational value of more than 1,000, which is expected to actuate the usage and market value of LED and driver IC.

By LEDinside