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Darwin upbeats about demand for miniLED backlight applications

Taiwan-based Darwin Precisions, which offers fine metal masks (FMM) for OLED panel production, expects robust demand for miniLED-backlit applications to drive its sales growth in 2021, according to company chairman Michael Tsai.

Darwin is developing a full lineup of miniLED light guide and backlight technologies for automotive, notebook, monitor and TV applications covering devices sized 12-,15-, 17-, 32- and 55-inch, among others, Tsai said.

It is also developing new technology related to precision metal masks (FMM), Tsai added, noting that the development of FMM products has resumed momentum recently after being affected by the pandemic in 2020.

FMM-related metal thin-film technology will enable the company to develop new products to tap business opportunities in the semiconductor, automobile, and optical component sectors, Tsai said.

The company is also developing floating 3D and interactive display technology to realize the production of non-contact floating 3D keypad modules, which will reach a resolution of over 1500dpi.

It has reported revenues of NT$4.636 billion (US$166.89 million) for the first quarter of 2021, increasing 71.64% from a year earlier. The company has also managed to narrow its losses in the first quarter compared to the levels seen a year ago.