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Himax, BOEVx team up for automotive AMOLED display solutions

Himax Technologies, a vendor of driver ICs, has announced it has teamed up with BOE Varitronix (BOEVx), a supplier of car-use display products, to develop flexible AMOLED automotive display solutions.

Himax said its partnership with BOEVx has already secured a flexible AMOLED automotive display solution design-win with a leading new energy vehicle (NEV) maker.

Himax said the solution has recently been applied to the customer's upcoming launch of a flagship NEV model. Himax and BOEVx partnered to offer flexible AMOLED automotive display in a 12.8-inch center information display (CID), adopting the Himax AMOLED driver IC and timing controller (TCON) solution.

The Himax TCON supports dual-gate and MUX2 panel structure, 180-degree rotation with embedded color engine, along with an industry leading panel failure detection feature for passenger safety, according to the IC design house.

AMOLED displays have gained traction in various applications and are becoming the technology of choice for the high-end market as they provide better display quality and greater design flexibility.

Besides automotive flexible AMOLED solution, Himax said it also offers automotive product portfolios for TFT-LCD displays, including in-cell TDDI, display driver, local dimming TCON, and high-speed P2P bridge IC.

BOEVx has launched an S-shaped curved flexible AMOLED with 300mm in curvature and in triple-display form that is capable of displaying cluster information, center information as well as passenger entertainment content at the same time.

"Himax has been a long-term partner providing comprehensive automotive display solutions for BOEVx with leading specifications and professional service," said Jack Su, CEO of BOEVx. "We are pleased to extend our deep cooperation and jointly develop the flexible AMOLED display solution in BOEVx's next evolution display design."

"The partnership with BOEVx allows us to promote Himax's innovative automotive display solutions as well as nurture our leading-edge AMOLED technology," said Jordan Wu, president and CEO of Himax. "We are delighted to further collaborate with BOEVx to launch advanced display solutions to the evergrowing car market, especially for NEV."