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Samsung raises quotes for rigid AMOLED panels

Samsung Electronics has raised its quotes for rigid AMOLED panels by 5-8% to reflect related driver IC supply constraints, according to industry sources.

The supply has been tight as the Korean company has yet to resume production at its Austin fab in Texas, which has been suspended since mid-February after being hit by power outages.

Before the shutdown, the fab was able to process 20,000 wafers per month to produce driver ICs for Apple's AMOLED-based iPhone lineups and other chips for Samsung's own Galaxy S21 series products, the sources noted.

The upward adjustments of rigid AMOLED panel prices also come in line with the display sector's current trend where prices for a-Si- and LTPS LCD panels are also increasing, said the sources.

Quotes for 6.5-inch a-Si HD+ LCD panels have increased by US$0.1 to US$14.1 in March, and 6.5-inch FHD+ LTPS pane prices have moved up US$0.1 to US$14.8. Meanwhile, prices of 6.4-inch on-cell FHD+ AMOLED have reached US$21, according to data from CINNO Research.

There is room for rigid AMOLED panel makers to continue hiking their product prices in the second half of 2021 as the supply of driver ICs is likely to continue falling short of demand, commented the sources.