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Innolux steps up for automotive display market

Innolux is striving to further integrate and enhance its manufacturing capability for automotive displays, aiming to develop large-size models with high resolutions in multiple specifications and designs, according to the Taiwan-based panel maker.

Being one of the world's major suppliers of automotive panels, Innolux said that its design and manufacturing of automotive display products will be based on its concept of "4I": image, interaction, integration and industrialization. It will be also in line with the emerging trend for digitalization and smartization.

The rise of the LCD panel industry in China has forced Innolux and its fellow company AU Optronics (AUO) to shift their focus to niche market segments, including gaming, automotive, industrial control and medical care applications.

To further sharpen its manufacturing capability and maintain its leading market position, Innolux announced recently a tie-up with Corning, with plans to use Corning Laser Technologies' Large Platform Cutting Tool and Full Automation System for making high-end car display panels.

Innolux will start installing Corning Laser Technologies' proprietary laser cutting systems, which reduce surface roughness, increase bend strength and accuracy, and enables high throughput, in the second half of 2020, revealed company sources.

Meanwhile, Innolux said that it has been awarded "2019 GM Supplier of the Year."

Lucien van Riel, CBO of Innolux’s automotive and aviation business unit, said that being one of GM's long-term partners, Innolux has been investing heavily in R&D, technology and manufacturing to develop automotive panel solutions to build up a strong and stable cooperative relationship with GM.

Currently, Innolux is the world's fifth largest automotive panel supplier with a market share of 11%, and Tesla, BMW, Ford, and Porsche reportedly are also Innolux's clients, according to industry sources.