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China monitor market to grow 3% in 2021

Monitor shipments in the China market are likely to grow 3% on year to 35.6 million units in 2021, having expanded 2.4% to 34.5 million units in 2020, according to Sigmaintell Consulting.

Changing market structure triggered by the pandemic has spurred new purchases and replacement demand for monitors, said the consulting firm, expecting the robust demand to persist throughout the next six months.

Meanwhile, it indicated that demand for high-performance monitors has extended to the office and professional segments beyond the current focus in gaming.

In China, monitors with a refresh rate of 144Hz are the current mainstream, but the 165Hz models are getting popular. Along with Nvidia's release of its next-generation RTX30 graphics cards, monitors packed with RTX30 will become the new mainstream with a refresh rate of 240Hz.

Having acquired a Samsung Display 8.5G fab in Suzhou in 2020, China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) is expected to see its monitor panel shipments increase significantly in 2021, said Sigmaintell.

Fellow company Chongqing HKC will also be keen on expanding its share in China's monitor panel market, optimizing its capability to offer models built with TN, IPS and VA technologies.

BOE Technology's share in China's monitor panel market is also poised to grow significantly in 2021 following its acquisition of an 8.5G fab from CEC-Panda LCD Technology in 2020.