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Everlight, Lextar, Excellence Optoelectronics join MIH

LED packaging service provider Everlight Electronics, vertically-integrated LED maker Lextar Electronics and LED automotive lighting module maker Excellence Optoelectronics (EOI) have joined MIH, an open hardware/software-integrated platform specifically for developing electric vehicles (EVs), according to industry sources.

MIH is launched and managed by Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, a joint venture established by Foxconn Electronics and Yulon Motor, and had more than 500 members as of the end of January 2021, the sources said.

In 2021, Everlight expects shipments for LED devices used in outdoor automotive lights, especially taillights and headlights, to significantly increase to account for over 50% of those for all car-use LED devices, the sources indicated, adding that Everlight expects car-use LED devices to take up over 10% of 2021 consolidated revenues.

Lextar in 2020 obtained certification for LED devices used in automotive lighting and sensors and began shipments for LED chips used in automotive headlights, the sources noted, adding that the company has supplied LED lighting devices for the largest Taiwan-based electric scooter vendor Gogoro.

EOI has become a supplier of LED automotive lighting modules used in taillights of Tesla Model 3 and is likely to continue obtain the same orders from the Model Y, the sources indicated. In addition, EOI has entered into the supply chains of a few international EV vendors, with shipments to begin in 2021, the sources said. EOI is expected to see the revenue proportion for EV-use LED lighting modules rise from about 1% in 2020 to about 15% in 2021, the sources noted.