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Excellence Optoelectronics develops fine-pitch RGB miniLED displays

LED automotive lighting module maker Excellence Optoelectronics (EOI) has disclosed it has worked with a US client to develop a 165-inch fine-pitch RGB miniLED displays, with shipments expected to begin in fourth-quarter 2021.

Having seen utilization rates exceed 95%, EOI is expanding production capacity, constructing a factory beside the existing one, with equipment move-in slated for third-quarter 2021, the company said.

Fine-pitch RGB miniLED displays will be produced at the new factory with initial monthly packaging capacity of about 100 million chips, EOI noted, adding the monthly capacity will be gradually expanded to one billion chips.

Besides, EOI said its fine-pitch RGB miniLED automotive displays with luminance is 2,300nits - much higher than 500nits for LED-backlit LCD displays - are being certified. It said the miniLED displays consume less power, which is important to electric vehicles (EV), EOI said. As the certification will take time, shipments for the displays are likely to begin in 2024 at the earliest, EOI noted.

EOI said it has also stepped into microLED automotive displays by having affiliated High Power Opto, a maker of Si-based LEDs, work with Ingentec, which has developed CMW (copper magnetic wafer) as substrates in mass transfer of microLED chips.

But development of microLED technology has yet to mature, and it is expected to take 4-5 years to realize commercialization for microLED automotive displays, it said.

EOI reportedly is a supplier of LED taillight modules for Tesla Model 3 and Y.

EOI said it will add four production lines at its factory in Michigan, the US, which will come online in third-quarter 2021. For the North America market, the factory has received orders with shipments scheduled though 2026 and is expected to reach full utilization of the production capacity established in the first phase in 2024, EOI indicated.