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Taiwan makers step up miniLED-backlit automotive displays development

Taiwan-based LED firms Everlight Electronics and Lextar Electronics, and LCD panel makers Innolux and AU Optronics (AUO) are stepping up efforts developing miniLED-backlit LCD automotive displays for dashboards, central information displays and infotainment devices, with such applications likely to begin shipping in 2022, according to industry sources.

Production cost for miniLED-backlit LCD automotive displays is higher than that for LED-backlit ones, but they offer better contrast, color saturation, resolution, power savings, and local dimming-enabled HDR, the sources said.

Innolux showcased 11.6-inch and 9-inch miniLED-backlit car-use displays and touch panels, respectively, at online CES 2021.

Everlight is expected to start production of miniLED-backlit automotive displays for shipments to US and European automakers as early as year-end 2021, the sources added.

POB (package on board) process is currently used to produce miniLED-backlit automotive displays embedded in car bodies, because the packaging technology is mature with stable yield rates and shorter time for certification, the sources indicated.

COB (chip on board) miniLED-backlit automotive displays with smaller dimensions and pitches than POB ones, and microLED ones are being certified, the sources noted.