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MiniLED backlighting to enhance large-size LCD competitiveness, says Innolux VP

MiniLED backlighting is expected to strengthen large-size LCD panels' competitiveness against OLED in five years, according to Ting Chin-lung, executive vice president for Innolux.

Apple, Samsung, LG Electronics, TCL and others are expected to introduce miniLED-backlit devices and TVs this year, and Samsung is setting up production capacity for such TVs in Vietnam with investment of US$36.1 million, with production to kick off soon, industry sources said.

OLED panels have gained the upper hand over a-Si or LTPS LCD panels for use in high-end smartphones, Apple's adoption of OLED for iPhone 12 series will further boost OLED's penetration rate.

But burn-in remains a technological problem for OLED's adoption in tablets, notebooks, monitors and TVs though OLED can dominate the smartphone sector that sees a shorter product life cycle, Ting said, claiming OLED is inferior to medium- to large-size miniLED-backlit LCD panels in display performance and reliability.

Taiwan-based panel makers have survived the intense competition in the panel industry because they have stayed away from an OLED race that might have exhausted their resources, Ting indicated.

For microLED, Taiwan-based panel makers have competitiveness coming from their strong LCD manufacturing capability and strong LED and semiconductor supply chains, Ting noted.