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Tyntek to start 6-inch wafer production

Vertically-integrated LED maker Tyntek has completed 6-inch epitaxial wafer production capacity for producing customized Si-based sensor chips mainly, and expects to gradually obtain product certification from clients beginning the first quarter of 2021 and start volume production in the following quarter, according to the company.

The operation of the new production capacity is expected to increase shipments for Si-based sensor chips in 2021 by 20-30% on year and thus the corresponding revenue proportion for the year will rise to over 60%, Tyntek said.

Si-based sensor chips are widely used in industrial control, industrial automation, surveillance, smart home-use electric appliances and smart wearable devices. For smart wearable devices, Tyntek's clients are vendors other than Apple and they will develop models with complex physiological sensing functions in 2021, requiring more Si-based sensor chips per device, Tyntek indicated.

While demand for LED chips is quite weak currently, that for Si-based sensor chips is strong and Tyntek has fully utilized 5-inch epitaxial wafer production capacity.

Besides, Tyntek has seen increasing demand for LED sensing protection devices used in miniLED backlighting to secure stable light emission, the company said. Tyntek expects shipments for LED sensing protection devices to significantly increase in second-quarter 2021 along with fast growing adoption of miniLED backlighting.