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GIS keen on developing sensor-enabled displays for smart healthcare

General Interface Solution (GIS) has delivered multiple models of sensor-enabled display devices, built using its core sensing technology and designed for medical applications, for validation, according to sources at the touch panel maker.

The company's 3D optical sensing solutions are being developed based on structure light and ToF (time of flight) technologies, said the sources.

The structure light-based sensing devices can be applied for high-security applications such as punch clocks, smart door locks and dynamic driving behavior detection, the sources noted.

ToF-based products can apply to fall and body detection, gesture recognition, and behavior detection and are designed to address related population aging issues.

The firm's 3D ToF gesture recognition solutions are easy to control and suitable for related applications in operating rooms and wards. The solutions can also apply for limb detection and tracking for smart fitness and rehabilitation programs.

The company has also introduced metal switch devices built using ultrasonic technology. The switch products are already verified with JIS Z2801 for antibacterial effects, up to 99.9% against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coil, the sources said.