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PIDA calls for cross-domain integration

Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA) has recently held a green technology investment forum in Tainan, calling for new investments to promote local industries and economy in the southern part of Taiwan.

As the rollout of 5G will bring cross-domain integration for many technologies, including communications, information, AI, big data, 8K, and AR/VR, the forum aimed to create a consensus for the development of local industries and economy optimizing new technologies and policy incentives, according to PIDA sources.

Solar firms such as Motech Industries and LED makers such as Epistar operating in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) are now benefiting from the realignment of the global supply chains triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, said the sources.

Powered by its advanced 5nm and 3nm process nodes, revenues generated by TSMC will account for about half of total sales garnered by all firms operated within STSP in the future, making the park a significant cluster of the world's semiconductor industry, touted the sources.

PIDA calls for cross-domain integration to activate a paradigm shift that will help bring vertical innovations in 10 crucial industries: finance, multimedia, public transport, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, automobile, retailing, public safety and medical care.