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Darwin aims at turnaround for FMM business

FMM (fine metal mask) maker Darwin Precision aims to make a turnaround in 2021 by ramping up its utilization and yield rates, according to company chairman Michael Tsai.

The company's monthly shipments of FMMs have reached about 800-900 units, only accounting for one-third of its capacity, as orders for these products, mainly from OLED panel makers in China, have been crippled by the impacts of the pandemic, Tsai said.

There is room to improve the capacity utilization and yield rates of its FMM lines by optimizing related technologies in 2021, Tsai said.

The firm will also leverage its etching and metal thin-film technologies to develop related solutions for foldable smartphones and heat dissipation solutions for other applications, Tsai added.

Shipments to notebook, TV, medical and automotive segments currently account for 70-80% of the company's total sales, Tsai noted.

With its plant in Taichung, central Taiwan, being verified for ISO 13485 medical display solutions, the company is ready to launch an array of new products, including antibacterial electronics curtain sheets, non-magnetic medical panels, naked-eye 3D displays, signage boards, and high-definition ultrasonic display devices in 2021.