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AUO, Innolux compete for bigger share in medical display solution market

AU Optronics (AUO) and Innolux are striving to develop display solutions for medical applications, with their combined efforts already making Taiwan the largest exporter of medical display panels worldwide, according to industry sources.

Japan-based Panasonic currently accounts for 30-40% of the global medical display market, with AUO and Innolux share the remaining 60%.

However, Panasonic is gradually withdrawing from the LCD panel market, including the medical display solutions segment, said the sources, adding AUO and Innolux are stepping up efforts vying for the top spot of the medical applications segment.

The time is ripe for Taiwan's electronics and medical industries to work together to push related enterprises to tap the emerging smart medical business opportunities, as the world's digital transformation has been accelerated in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Frank Ko, chairman of Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA). Ko is also chairman of AUO.

AUO, which ranks second currently for the high-end medical displays for surgery applications, demonstrated its solutions at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan.

Innolux also showcased its X-ray FPD (flat-panel detector) display solutions at the show. In addition to developing and manufacturing all kinds of parts and components needed for its X-ray FPD products, the company also claims that it provides over 50% of crucial TFT components for the production of digital X-ray devices worldwide.

The company said its X-ray image inspection business unit has been operating with profit, and it aims to deepen its deployments in the smart manufacturing and industrial inspection sector.