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MedicalTek adopts AUO 3D medical display

LCD panel maker AU Optronics (AUO) has cooperated with MedicalTek, a startup engaged in developing endoscope visualization systems for minimal invasive surgical operation, to develop 3D medical displays.

MedicalTek has developed MonoStereo 3D and DARIWN 3D endoscope visualization systems as well as Lascaux, an endoscopic image recorder, and a training platform for minimal invasive surgical operation through cooperation with IRCAD Taiwan, company chairman and CEO Jack Liu said. IRCAD is a France-based medical research and training institute focusing on minimal invasive surgery.

MedicalTek has upgraded MonoStereo from 2D to 3D to enhance surgeons' feeling of harmony between eyes and hands in a bid to hike quality, safety and efficiency for minimal invasive surgical operation, Liu noted.