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LGD Is Expected to Produce MiniLED Display for iPad Pro

According to foreign media, LGD’s MiniLED displays are expected to be adopted in Apple’s new iPad models with the release date in 1Q21. The MacBook and iMac will be the next models to be applied in.

According to ETNews, before 2021 LGD will achieve the batch production of MiniLED displays used in the new iPad models.

Due to the MiniLED display, the iPad Pro can reach better brightness, contrast ratio and power efficiency.

The iPad Pro has offered a 120Hz refresh rate. Thus, for Apple, it is a reasonable improvement to apply MiniLED in Pro. A faster refresh rate and wider viewing angle can also be achieved.

However, the manufacturing process is the major problem, and it is quite complicated.

Reports said that the die cost of Apple’s MiniLED display will drop from USD 75-85 to USD 45 owing to the growth of supply capacity and the competition between suppliers.

TrendForce Analysis

The version adopting the 12.9-inch iPadPro and MiniLED backlight has been heavily rumored, and the mass production will be achieved in 1Q21. This product is expected to set a new record in specifications such as saturation and contrast ratio for LCD panels due to its installation of more than 10,000 LEDs and over 2,000 zones of dimming control.

By LEDinside