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Taiwan’s smart fitness solutions to boost immunity

Amid rising concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, it is more important than ever now for people across the world to maintain a strong immune system. There is enough evidence that regular exercise, adequate sleep and a healthy diet help keep the immune system in shape generally.

Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also suggested that adults should maintain moderate daily physical activity in order to enhance muscular strength and physical wellness. Doctors have urged that during the epidemic prevention period, regular exercising at home can help increase immunity and resistance.

This is, therefore, the time when the focus on smart fitness solutions has seen a spike. The world is witnessing a paradigm shift in how people are pursuing fitness. The change in fitness delivery is partially driven by new digital offerings, from wearable devices to virtual reality products.

Taiwanese brands like Johnson, Dyaco, and SportsArt Fitness, Inc., are among the top industry players in the world that are offering innovative and smart fitness solutions. One of these solutions is the Verde Treadmill which is the first-ever treadmill capable of harnessing 75% of human energy and converting it to electricity.

Another is the Cycle Boxer which is a breakthrough product featuring a combination of boxing and pedaling for those after a fun and challenging workout. The Climbmill is designed for fitness enthusiasts who want to burn calories while toning their body with every step.

India, too, can benefit from the range of smart fitness solutions that Taiwanese brands are offering, including Fitness Equipment, Sportswear, Smart Sports Wearable Devices, Fitness Services, Protective Gear, etc. Mark Wu, executive director of TAITRA’s Strategic Marketing Department, said, “Thanks to a plethora of innovative fitness solutions, people are changing their thinking towards how they implement fitness in their own lives.

Especially at a time when the healthcare situation in the world is experiencing some ups and downs, it is imperative for people to adopt a fit lifestyle that can boost their immune system and help maintain energy levels.”

Source: Telangana Today

By Taiwantrade