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MicroLED looks promising

MicroLED looks like a strong candidate to compete with OLED for dominance in the display market in the next decade, says Charles Li, chairman of PlayNitride, a pioneer in microLED development, in an interview by Digitimes. Meanwhile, notebook demand remains robust, but it is likely to wane in 2021 despite the lingering coronavirus. For IC designers, they plan to raise quotes as clients continue building up inventory.

MicroLED pioneer: Q&A with PlayNitride chairman Charles Li: MicroLED looks like it is going to take the display market by storm in the next decade or so. Established in 2014, PlayNitride is a pioneer in developing microLED, and has aggressive plans to sharply reduce microLED production cost in five years to make sure to accelerate the penetration of the new display technology.

Notebook demand still sound in 4Q20 before waning in 2021: Notebook vendors saw strong shipment gains in the second and third quarter of 2020 with the momentum remaining robust in the fourth quarter, but they may see demand for their computer products begin to wane in the 2021, industry observers have warned.

Taiwan IC design houses see clients continue stockpiling: Taiwan-based IC design houses continue to see their downstream clients including distributors stockpile aggressively, and plan to raise their quotes to constrain demand, according to industry sources.